Our Story

Keepe is transforming the renter experience by connecting property managers to qualified maintenance professionals.

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Our Mission

We created the company with the ambitious goal of transforming the renter experience by modernizing property management and maintenance. Property maintenance today is too slow, too painful and too opaque for property managers, landlords, tenants and maintenance professionals.

We aim to create technology tools that delivers fast turnaround and optimal quality at reasonable cost. In the process, we want to make renting, landlording and managing properties way easier than it is today.

17 Employees
500+ Vetted Contractors
10,000+ Projects
Many happy customers
Rishi Mathew (CEO & Co-Founder) Vishal Srivastava (CTO & Co-Founder) Jérémy Marc (Lead Full Stack Developer) Armand Pizzicarola (Operations and Keeper Acquisition) Liz Koser (Biz Dev and Customer Acquisition)
Guy Sparkman (Operations) Chloe Shively (Operations) Kaleb Wasihun (Customer Acquisition) Samantha Bell (Keeper Acquisition) Saurav Kumar (Customer Acquisition)
Antyush Bollini (Product Design) Vincent Zhang (Customer Acquisition) Brayden Podesta (Customer Acquisition) Keven Duan (Customer Acquisition) Samuel Lee (Marketing)
Sophie Stahura (Marketing) Jonathan Barrow (Operations)

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